The Bluetooth Transmitter used with the DigiMemo is also an excellent solution for paper form applications where the handwritten ink data can be immediately sent to the office by Smartphone. Hard Drives External Hard Drives. The time is shown on the display on the digital pad. Technical Support Many thanks for buying our product. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows.

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Using additional software you do have the option to convert DigiMemo content into editable text. Customers who bought this item also bought. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your acecad digimemo a402 notes in Windows.

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Status acecad digimemo a402 regarding the page number and battery acead level is displayed in a small LCD window. Therefore the idea of being able to convert my notes to digital format is quite appealing. Colour Multifunction Laser Printers.

Any ordinary paper or notepad up to A4 size mm x mm can be applied. Published Feb 26, Author mfereday.


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Microsoft Office Application Suites. Write on the paper with the digital inking pen. Holder for A4 size notepad; mm x mm.

However I must admit that Acecad digimemo a402 took more care than usual with my hand writing. Please kindly fill in the form and send it back to us for our reference.

Once you get use to remembering to turn the device on before starting to write and remember to advice when starting a new page, the acecad digimemo a402 achieved by this device are good. Portable Audio MP3 Players. I am acedad UK tech blogger and have been in the industry for over 10 years now running Mighty Gadget, its sister sites and contributing to other sites around the web.

Accept Reject Read More. Reviews by category Accessories Keyboards and Mice. Our current Free Prizedraw!! Free Prizedraw Why join? Share them with others via e-Mail. One page you write is stored as one digital page.

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The storage capacity, battery life and ease of use makes the DigiMemo an unbeatable acecad digimemo a402 note-taking device. You may inlude Acecad digimemo a402 http: Acecad DigiMemo A – digital – A Save any digital aacecad you arbitrarily select as a book file e-Book. The size and weight of pen are almost like those of normal ball pen.


Microsoft Windows Retail Windows. I also tried to be lazy and not complete the all the writing that was required and this led to the software failing to get an accurate enough reading on my writing.

Mono Multifunction Laser Printers. Unscrew acecad digimemo a402 barrel cover counterclockwise from the barrel of the pen. Download App for Android. Agree or disagree, or just have a question? The digital pad, measuring x mm W x L and weighing g, fit comfortably on the knee or could be placed on a table if available. The digital pad digitally records anything you write acecad digimemo a402 its built-in storage device or an optional SD card in real time. Only g for the digital pad and Hard Drives External Hard Drives.