About Papaji · About the Avadhuta Foundation · Community» · Papaji Contacts Worldwide · Video Satsangs Around the World · Bookstore» · Books». W. L. Poonja discovered Ramana Maharshi in a remarkable manner. One morning, in , while he was sitting on his veranda in North India [now. H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji). 19K likes. “Keep quiet. Do not let a single thought arise.”.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Effort is to disturb your mind, effort is playing with corpses in the graveyard. It is very clear inside.

I felt some vibration in my Heart and then my doubts disappeared. Otherwise this freedom, this wisdom, this beauty, this love is always inviting you.

It was a constant force in my life. I have always been.

Reflections may be different, Sun is the same. Poonja, widely known as Papaji, is one of the most comprehensive attempts ever made to document the life and teachings of a self-realized person.

Immediately my eye went to the wanted advertisements. I would say to someone to see the Maharshi as their own Self. Relationships and possessions are lost to us in sleep. It is the freedom from desire that gives you happiness.


Surrender your ego to the Self and then you will keep quiet. If not, do you know of anyone who can? There are no words here.

Avadhuta Foundation

Sun is one, shining in everything, in every atom, same. My dream is over now. Then, suddenly, I understood. You attribute your happiness to a possession, not the emptiness.

H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

He asked Ramana for help and was told that this was not a problem, that all his practice had carried him to this moment and it could be left behind now because it had served its purpose. Return to formlessness, which is your own Self. Poonja mentioned to someone that the person called Ramana Maharshi was a fraud, that he had come to his house and arrogantly given him his own address.

He emphasised that there is ultimately no difference between guru and devotee, no teacher, no disciple and even no message. They gave me a very good bungalow and a car. I didn’t go to see him. We don’t realize that by getting rid of these things we have true peace. I heard that you had joined the army and plonja then we have not seen you.

Papaji – Stillness Speaks

The mind is only dreaming. Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. It is so simple. So, one day inI was sitting in my house in Lyalpur when a sadhu approached.


H. W. L. Poonja

These efforts, aimed at experiencing God, had so far been fruitless. In his presence I experienced the seer, what it was. He was the nephew of Swami Rama Tirtha, a famous saint who died four years before Poonja’s birth.

In the spiritual world, the law of karma catches up and deals with all people who are trafficking in fake experiences. He had already left his career in the Army and was devoting himself to sacred repetition and the performance of religious rituals. When you keep quiet you will realise that you have always been That.

I never knew anything. It worked it my case. It doesn’t make any difference, because it is not the form or the person that gives you satisfaction. David Godman moved to Lucknow inand stayed with him tilland soon became his biographer, in the following years edited and published a number of books on him, including, Papaji Interviewsan anthology of interviews, and Nothing Ever Happeneda three volume 1,page biography.

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